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What is Stratus App for Community?

All-In-one Lifestyle and Property Management App

Built for Property Managers & Home Owners

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Stratus App Features


Stratus is equipped with an e-wallet feature that will enable you and your family to make cashless payments in your neighbourhood convenience store, laundromat and various retailers.


With a few taps you can set up regular domestic payments without leaving the comfort of your home. Enter your details once and payments will be made automatically. Access your records of previous transactions with ease.


Register visitors up to a week in advance or just a few minutes prior to their arrival to provide security and your guests with a seamless experience. The guardhouse will be able to check them in without calling you, which will reduce wait times significantly.


Choose the time, date and pay the necessary deposits to book the facilities in your building. This will save you unnecessary trips to the management office and any rules and regulations you need to know will be stated clearly in the bookings tab.


You’ll be notified immediately if there are any messages from the management office. Whether it’s a personal message, a security breach or a building-wide announcement, the app will keep you informed.


Update your building management the instant there is a problem. Take photos of leaks or structural issues within your unit or alert the guardhouse if you see any suspicious activity. Management will deal with your complaint and once done the issue will be marked resolved.


Looking for your next meal? Want to know where the nearest clinic or ATM is? You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. Once your building is listed in our database we’ll populate the directory with useful services in your area.


This panic button feature will alert security in the event of an emergency. Hold the SOS button for 3 seconds and a message will immediately be sent to the security team.


By consolidating visitor registration and panic button functions into a dedicated security platform, we will improve the performance of your security guards without requiring any additional investment.