To Transform our country, change should start at home and communities.

"A transformed country is a result of a changed community"
- Paul Soliman, CEO


To Transform Communities Digitally using Stratus as a Feature-Proof applictaion providing smart and comfortable homes.


The data-driven platform optimising South East Asia's residential developments.


The data-driven platform optimising South East Asia's residential developments.



Avida Towers New Manila


What we do differently?

The data we collect is anonymous which will give us accurate and insightful information to create benchmarking tools and an opportunity to educate and improve building management practices.
For example: If there are recurring security complaints, this can be flagged to evaluate the performance of your security guards which can be used to renegotiate and reduce their overall cost.
When you join The Stratus Community you’ll receive information that will impact the efficiency, effectiveness and cost of service charges at your residence. If you have issues or questions regarding local legislation or management practices we are happy to provide advice from our panel of experts. Once we hit a critical mass, we’ll use the data to begin community outreach projects to connect like-minded groups and nurture the community you live in.
Your privacy and trust are important to us. We will never share your personal details or any information that can identify who you are for any commercial reason. Our system is hosted by Microsoft Azure, which has the highest levels of security in place.

Benefits of Digital Transformation for Communities

1. If we can make your living comfortable through technology, the productivity of every breadwinner in the family will increase.

2. If we can provide Peace-Of-Mind-As-A-Service, living will be transformed. Homes will be efficient and community will be safer.

3. Through data gathered and analyzed:

  • • we can help families to budget easily and be wise to spend their money.
  • • We can connect families and communities to build awareness for public safety, efficient living and how technology can help our country.
  • • We can study patterns and behaviors. These studies will help us to bring more comfort to our living. Comfort living will result to career growth for individuals.

4. Builders, Property Management Corporations and Developers will be more data-driven on their decisions on when, where and how to build their future property, community and home.

5. As we learn to be data oriented, our decisions can make our country’s future better.